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A multiplayer competitive sheep herding game. This was written by me and h4xxel as a party hack for the gamedev compo at Birdie 24. It finished second!

This is the setting: You and another farmer's sheep have escaped from their pens. Instead of solving the conflict in a civilized manner, you try to herd as many of the escaped sheep into your pen. By cursing loudly at the sheep, you can make them panic and run off in any direction, and by stabbing the other farmer with your pitch fork, you can stun him and move him out of the way. Who ever have the most sheep in their pen after 90 seconds is declared the winner.

This game was written from scratch in C using libdarnit in the time span of 23 hours by me and h4xxel. Expect lots of bugs and crashes. Crashes especially tend to occur in the menu system.

»» Download for Windows and 64-bit linux««
»» Source code repository at GitHub ««