Derpmiffo's rescue mission

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Made for Ludum Dare 22, this is not only my first game in about 10 years, but my first ever platformer and my first ever game written in C and OpenGL. The code is not optimized in any way and the speed of the game is affected by the framerate.

The goal of the game (excluding the hasted bit of "story") is to get through the "randomly" generated world. Now, the randomness is not very random. First of all, the level in made up of 16×16 tile blocks. The order of these are random. The problem is, I ran out of time, so there's only about 20 of these blocks available to the level generator. Since the generated world is 128 blocks long, they will repeat a lot. The ending doesn't work either, so when the game blackscreens, you know you made it through the game.

You might notice that you can't walk backwards. This is because I didn't have time to implement proper handling of that in the blargle collision detection code. Annoying, yes. But See it as motivation to think before walking. I don't actually recommend downloading and playing the game though, it's crap and not very fun to play. Only reason it is here is because I made it. Here's a timelapse video of me making it, way more interesting to watch than playing the game!

If you still insist on playing the game, here's the download links.
Linux i386
Source code