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A multiplayer interplanetary gold stealing spaceship game. This was written by me and h4xxel as a party hack for the gamedev compo at Birdie 25. It didn't win anything because the jury though there wasn't enough greed in it.

The game is centered around an N-body simulation, simulating gravity wells around the suns, and their affect on planets, asteroids and spaceships. Except it's not really tweaked or precise enough, so planets tend to be slung out of orbit into interstellar space and just bounce around. The objective is simple: zoom around the galaxy and find gold-rich asteroids. Using your tractor beam, grab them and take them back home, and drop them on your sun. Watch out though, don't crash into a star, a planet or get shot by other players, it'll drain your energy. Without energy, you can't grab asteroids. It will slowly recover though.

This game was written from scratch in C using libdarnit during birdie 25 by me and h4xxel. Expect lots of bugs and crashes.

»» Download for Windows and 64-bit linux««
»» Source code repository at GitHub ««